20 Years of Frontiers

“Simply put, Frontiers is THE academic journal for the field of education abroad. Its topics are timely, relevant and peer-reviewed for quality control. It is a must read for education abroad professionals.”
Dr. Mary M. Dwyer
President and CEO, IES Abroad

For twenty years, Frontiers has been my “go to” source for the latest research and best practices in the field of education abroad.
Jim Citron
Intercultural Education Specialist, Dartmouth College

“Frontiers has been the sine qua non for professional development in the field of education abroad for the last two decades. The articles are always thought-provoking and relevant to our daily work.  The articles provide deep insights into areas we grapple with every day.  They also bring to our attention critical research results that help us get beyond the anecdotal narratives that have too long prevailed as our guiding stars. Reading Frontiers never ceases to energize me and renews my commitment to add new concepts and ideas to my to-do list!”
Kathleen Sideli
Associate Vice President for Overseas Study, Indiana University

For close to 20 years, Frontiers has enriched my professional life with smart, research-based scholarship on a wide variety of topics related to international education. Indeed, a number of essays catalyzed profound shifts in my understanding of engaged pedagogy, intercultural/language outcomes, and program assessment. The journal, along with the many other publications and programs sponsored by The Forum, continue to enrich the field with transformative ideas and exemplary models of practice.
Richard Slimbach, PhD
Professor of Global Studies, Azusa Pacific University

“In a field increasingly driven by quantitative study, assessment, and evaluations, Frontiers has maintained a commitment to qualitative scholarship in a unique way.  We, as educators, need to foster a meaningful discourse and circulate thought provoking articles and essays that engage with the endeavor of education abroad beyond what can we easily measure. I have used numerous essays from Frontiers to stimulate staff discussions and to present alternative viewpoints.  While Frontiers offers a diverse spectrum of scholarship, it is this commitment and recognition of the role of the well written ‘thought’ piece that I particularly appreciate about the publication. Happy anniversary!”
Martha Johnson
Assistant Dean of Learning Abroad, University of Minnesota

Since its founding, Frontiers quickly became the go-to source for anyone interested in a broad range of information and research related to study abroad. It remains the premier journal for the field, as well as a valuable resource for both practitioners and scholars.
Bruce La Brack, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, University of the Pacific

“As an assessment person, it would be difficult to quantify the constructive impact of Frontiers at multiple levels of analysis within the field of study abroad. Issue after issue for the past 20 years, the North Star of this essential journal has been the highest and best in scholarship, education, and practice. Through this steadfast commitment, Frontiers not only created a crucial space for the presentation of rigorous theory, data, and application, but has played an indispensable role in establishing our legitimacy and credibility as a discipline and profession within the international academic community. Kudos and best wishes for the next two decades, and beyond.”
Craig N. Shealy, Ph.D.
Professor of Graduate Psychology, James Madison University
Executive Director, International Beliefs and Values Institute