Frontiers at The Forum

On March 28, 2019, Frontiers convened it’s second annual author panel at The Forum on Education Abroad’s 15th Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado.

The session “Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad presents…” was led by Interim Editor Amelia Dietrich, who began by introducing the journal and its submission and peer review process. The research symposium format that followed featured presentations by two  Frontiers authors.

Melissa Whatley presented on “Toward an Understanding of Peer Influence on Undergraduate Study Abroad Participation,” which appeared in our Fall 2018 issue. Susan B. Goldstein presented “Support for a Multidimensional Model of Study Abroad on Immersion Preference,” which will soon be published in our  Spring 2019 issue of Frontiers.

View presentation slides.


Frontiers at The Forum’s 14th Annual Conference (2018):

Frontiers at The Forum’s 13th Annual Conference (2017):

Frontiers authors interested in participating in this event next year should look for a call for proposals in Fall 2019. Contact for more information.