Volume I, Fall 1995


Brian Whalen, Editor

Piropos and Friendships: Gender and Culture Clash in Study Abroad
Susan B. Twombly

Education and Globalization in Europe: Current Trends and Future Developments
Hans de Wit

Responding to the Needs of Our Nation: A Look at the Fulbright and NSEP Education Acts
Demerise R. Dubois

Survival of the Interventionist: The Personal Cost of Immersion and Social Change
Dé Bryant

Reflections on the Meaning of Study Abroad
Elizabeth Shannon

Book Review

Michael R. Laubscher’s Encounters with Difference: Student Perceptions of the Role of Out-of-Class Experiences in Education Abroad
Terence P. Hannigan

ESSAY: The Internet and World Wide Web: Uses for Study Abroad
Gary M. Rhodes

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