Volume II, Fall 1996


Michael Monahan and Thomas Ricks

Learning Outside the Home Culture: An Anatomy and Ecology of Memory
Brian J. Whalen

Ethnographic Learning While Studying Abroad
Richard Jurasek, Howard Lamson, & Patricia O’Maley

W.E.B. Du Bois as a Study Abroad Student in Germany, 1892-1894
Hamilton Beck

Canadian Students Down Under: An Intercultural Perspective for Teacher Training in Australia
Joseph D.  Relich and Michael Kindler

Essay: Conflicts, Status Competition, and Different Rationales for Mobility: A Finnish Experience on Some Neglected Issues in International Education
Aaro Ollikainen

Book Reviews

Hans de Wit (ed.), Stragies for Internationalization of Higher Education: A Comparative Study of Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States
Barbara B. Burn

Kenneth Wagner and Tony Magistrale’s Writing Across Culture: An Introduciton to Study Abroad and the Writing Process
Barbara Jo Lantz

Update: Quality of Service through the Strategic Use of Technology
Wayne Myles

Annotated Bibliography: Discovering the Other: Study Abroad as Fieldwork
Joseph R. Stimpfl