Volume III, Fall 1997

Special Issue: The Sciences and Education Abroad


Introduction: Proceedings of the Symposium on International Science and Engineering Education: An Overview
David E. Hornung and Urbain (Ben) DeWinter

Section I: Diversity in Science Education in the World

Science Education in Different Cultures: Unity and Diversity
Frank H.T. Rhodes

Science Education in Asia
Iris Huang

Science Education in Singapore: Toward “Fitness for Use”
T.N. Goh

Science and Engineering Education in Europe
Gertrude Humily

Advantages and Disadvantages of Greek Universities: Implications for science education
Nicholas K. Spyrou

Science Education in the United Kingdom
Keith R. F. Elliott

Science Education in the United States of America
Audrey B. Champagne

Science Education: An Overview for Central America
Mario Contreras

Diversity in Science Education: Its Role in the Development of Latin America in the 21st Century
Assefaw Tewolde

Science Education in Kenya
Ochong’ Okelo

Science Education in Egypt and Other Arab Countries in Africa and West Asia
Farkhonda Hassan

Section II: Science and Technology Education in the Global Environment

Impact of a Growing Population on Natural Resources: The Challenge for Environmental Management
David Pimentel, X. Huang, A. Codova, & M. Pimentel

Science Education, Overconsumption, and Survival on a Finite Planet
Paul Connett

Health and Disease
David E. Hornung and Catherine H. Shrady

An International Perspective on Health Care: The Case for Terms Abroad for Future Physicians
Terry S. Weiner

International Perspectives on Science Communication Ethics
Bruce V. Lewenstein

Section III: International Science Study for Undergraduates

Science and Engineering Education Abroad: An Overview
Urbain J. DeWinter

In the Wake of Darwin’s Voyage: Improving International Science
Study for Students of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Karl McKnight

International Science Study for Undergraduates
Needs, Values, Opportunities, Problems, Models
Arne van der Gen

International Education in French Engineering Schools
Reporter on the CEFI Survey
Claude Maury

Section IV: Future Direction in International Science Education

Electronic Communications–Education Via a Virtual Workshop
Roslyn Leibensperger, Susan Mehringer, Anna Trefethen, & Malvin Kalos

Future Directions in International Science Education
Patrick Holmes

Science Education and Our Future
Yervant Terzian