Volume VI, Winter 2000

Special Issue: Perspectives on Area Studies and Study Abroad


Introduction: Area Studies and Study Abroad in the 21st Century
Thomas Ricks, Katharine Krebs, & Michael Monahan

Area Studies in the Age of Globalization
David Ludden

Area Studies and Study Abroad: The Chinese Experience
Gregory Kulacki

Australian Studies and Study Abroad
Ann Curthoys

Rethinking Canada: Canadian Studies and Study Abroad
Richard Beach and George Sherman

Overseas Education: Dispelling Official Myths in Latin America
James Petras

The “Other Eden”: Thoughts on American Study Abroad in Britain
Jane Edwards

African Studies and Study Abroad
David T. Lloyd

Current Developments and Future Directions in Middle Eastern Studies
Philip S. Khoury

The Double Transition in Russian Area Studies
Russell Bova

Globalization and Study Abroad: An Illusion of Paradox
Richard Falk and Nancy A. Kanach

Book Reviews

Hillman, Richard S. (ed.): Understanding Contemporary Latin America. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers. 1997. 371 pp.
James L. Citron

Alden, Patricia, David Lloyd, and Ahmed Samatar (eds.): African Studies and the Undergraduate Curriculum. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers. 1994. 336 pp.
Richard E. Stryker

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