Volume VIII, Winter 2002

Special Issue: Experiential Education and Study Abroad


Brian Whalen, Editor

International Study and Experiential Learning: The Academic Context
Lynne Montrose

From Cicero to Mohammed Atta: People, Politics, and Study Abroad
Ronald Cluett

Experiential Pedagogy for Study Abroad: Educating for Global Citizenship
Ann Lutterman-Aguilar and Orval Gingerich

Service Learning in an International Context
John Annette

Internships Abroad: The View from Paris
Gerald Honigsblum

The Practice of the Fieldbook: Facilitating and Evaluating Field-based Learning
Carol Brandt and Thomas Manley

Writing to Host Nationals as Cross-Cultural Collaborative Learning in Study Abroad
Leeann Chen

Preparing Engaged Citizens: The Models of Experiential Education for Social Justice
Chip F. Peterson

“Involve Me and I Will Understand”: Academic Quality in Experiential Programs Abroad
Michael Steinberg

The Global Voices: Is U.S. Higher Education Listening?
Howard Berry, reprinted with permission from “Transitions Abroad”

Howard A. Berry (1932-2002): Four Tributes
Reprinted with permission from “Transitions Abroad”

Howard Berry: A Selected Bibliography

Learning to Be Questioners: Remembering Paul Wellstone, a Pioneer and Champion of Experiential Education
Amy Sunderland

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