Volume X, Fall 2004

Special Issue: Assessment of Study Abroad Learning


From the Editor
Brian  Whalen

Michael J. Vande Berg

I. Second Language Acquisition Abroad

A Comparison of Spanish Second Language Acquisition in Two Different Learning Contexts: Study Abroad and the Domestic Classroom
Norman Segalowitz, Barbara Freed, Joe Collentine, Barbara Lafford, Nicole Lazar, & Manuel Díaz-Campos

Assessing Development of Meta-Pragmatic Awareness in Study Abroad
Celeste Kinginger and Kathleen Farrell

“Hindsight is 20/20:” Student Perceptions of Language Learning and the Study Abroad Experience
Vija G. Mendelson

II. Accounting for Learning Across Several Domains

The GLOSSARI Project: Initial Findings from a System-Wide Research Initiative on Study Abroad Learning Outcomes
Richard C. Sutton and Donald L. Rubin

Assessing the Impact of Study Abroad on Student Learning at Michigan State University
Edward C. Ingraham and Debra L. Peterson

The Georgetown University Consortium Project: A Report from the Halfway Mark
Michael J. Vande Berg, Al Balkcum, Mark Scheid, & Brian J. Whalen

III. Non-Traditional Students and Programs

The Impact of Study Abroad on Business Students’ Career Goals
Tammy Orahood, Larisa Kruze, & Denise Easley Pearson

A Qualitative Approach to the Assessment of International Service-Learning
Humphrey Tonkin and Diego Quiroga

IV. The Impact of Program Duration

More Is Better: The Impact of Study Abroad Program Duration
Mary M. Dwyer

Large-Scale Assessment of Student Attitudes after a Short-Term Study Abroad Program
Lisa Chieffo and Lesa Griffiths

Intercultural Learning Assessment: The Link between Program Duration and the Development of Intercultural Sensitivity
Adriana Medina–López–Portillo

V. Assessing Curricular Interventions

Does Study Abroad Grading Motivate Students?
Stevan Trooboff, William Cressey, & Susan Monty

Assessing Language Acquisition and Intercultural Sensitivity Development in Relation to Study Abroad Program Design
Lilli Engle and John Engle

Multi-Level Assessment of Program Outcomes: Assessing a Nontraditional Study Abroad Program in the Engineering Disciplines
David DiBiasio and Natalie A. Mello

Assessing the Impact of a Strategies-Based Curriculum on Language and Culture Learning Abroad
R. Michael Paige, Andrew D. Cohen, & Rachel L. Shively

Book Reviews

Journal: Sirena
Colin Ireland

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