Volume XI, August 2005


Brian Whalen, Editor

The Impact of Short Term Study Abroad on the  Identity Development of College Students with Learning Disabilities and/or AD/HD
Wendy Shames and Peg Alden

American Students in Israel: An Evaluation of a Study Abroad Experience
Smadar Donitsa-Schmidt and Maggie Vadish

Why Are They Better Students When They Come Back? Determinants of Academic Focusing Gains in the Study Abroad Experience
Benjamin F. Hadis

The Application of American Models to the Experiences and Outcomes of Canadian and International Students Studying in Canada
J. Paul Grayson

The Power of Being There: Study Abroad in Cuba and the Cultivation of a “Culture of Peace”
Lynne Bond, Sinan Koont, & Skye Stephenson

Testing Assumptions: The Impact of Two Study Abroad Program Models
Emily Mohajeri Norris and Mary M. Dwyer

Business Study Abroad Tours for Non-Traditional Students: An Outcomes Assessment
Spero C. Peppas

Assessing Intercultural Learning Through Introspective Accounts
Jane Jackson

Case Study: An Infusion Approach to Internationalization: Drake University as a Case Study
David Skidmore, Jan Marston & Gretchen Olson

Essay: The Transcultural Journey
Richard Slimbach

Essay: Towards Other-Regarding Travel
Ronald Byrnes

Book Reviews:

Martha C. Nussbaum: Cultivating Humanity: A Classical Defense of Reform in Liberal Education. Cambridge, Massachusetts and London: Harvard University Press. 1997. 301 pp. $28.50
Martin Gunderson

Ani Loomba: Colonialism/Postcolonialism. The New Critical Idiom Series. New York: Routledge. 1998. 289 pp. $16.95
Robert J. C. Young: Postcolonialism: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2003. 178 pp. $9.95
Lance Kenney

Nicholas Crane: Mercator: The Man who Mapped the Planet. London: Phoenix. 2003. 326 pp. Notes, Index, Select Bibliography, Illustrations. $16.00, paperback
J. Harold Leaman

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