Volume XII, November 2005

Special Issue: Undergraduate Research


From the Editor
Brian Whalen

Introduction: Undergraduate Research Abroad: Challenges and Rewards
Mel C. Bolen and Patricia C. Martin

India’s Modern Slaves: Bonded Labor in India and Methods of Intervention
*Heidi Boutros

Essay: Experience, Engagement and Vision
Martha Selby

Nipe Nikupe: Dependency, Reciprocity, and Paradoxes of Food Aid in Lugufu
Refugee Camp Kigoma, Tanzania

*Brian Hoyer

Essay: Intellectual Growth and the Integration of the Study Abroad Experience
David Macey

The Human Right to Water: Market Allocations and Subsistence in a World of Scarcity
*Kevin McAdam

Essay: Enriching Intellectual Discourse with Overseas Study and Work
David Deese

Sedimentation History and Provenance Analysis of a Late Mesozoic Rifting Event at Tavan Har, East Gobi, Mongolia
Sarah Davidson

Essay: Student Science Research in Education Abroad
Carol Mankiewicz

Mass Media and Political Socialization: Chile, 1970-2000
Amy Walter

Essay: Deepening Scholarship through Study Abroad
Roderick Ai Camp

Documenting Development and Pedagogy in the Swedish Preschool: the Use of the Portfolio as a Vehicle for Reflection, Learning and Democracy
Devon McKenna

Essay:  “Holding Culture in Her Hand”: Immersion and Understanding
Judith Ross-Bernstein

Epidemic and Identity: a Cross-Cultural Comparison of AIDS Prevention Approaches in  France and the United States
Michael Stambolis-Ruhstorfer

Essay: Study Abroad, Cultural Comparison and Action
Dominique Laurent

Position Paper for the Scottish National Party: Should Scotland Legalize, Decriminalize or Prohibit Cannabis?
Sujata Jhaveri

Essay: The Internship Experience and Studying Abroad
Andrew Roberts

*Winners of The Forum on Education Abroad’s 2004 Awards for Undergraduate Research