Volume XIV, Winter 2007

Special Issue: Undergraduate Research Abroad


From the Editor
Brian Whalen

Introduction: Supporting Undergraduates in Conducting Field-Based Research: A Perspective from On-Site Faculty and Staff
Paul Houlihan

Socio-Economics of Lake Victoria ’s Fisheries: An Analysis of the Shifting Roles and Status of Women Fish Traders
Heather Craig

Essay: Field-Based Research in Kenya: Practical Matters and Hurdles
Charlotte Blessing

Telling Stories: Past and Present Heroes
*Colin Bridges Smith

Rainbow Nation ’s Ubuntu: Discovering Distinctness as a Spectrum Through South African Literature
*Colin Bridges Smith

Essay: Principles in Practice and the ‘Footprint’ of the US Student Abroad
Timothy Lynn Elliott with Julie Johnson

Justifying Torture: Explaining Democratic States’ Noncompliance With International Humanitarian Law
*Emily Kanstroom

Essay: Good Preparation, Successful Outcomes
Shoggy Thierry Waryn

Educational and Social Development in Doi Ang Khang: A Comparative Study of the Khob Dong and Nor Lae Villages
Timothy Frost, Lauren Gray, John Lake, &Jessica Roy

Essay: The Contributions of an Outsider’s View
Rob Krueger

Wildlife Displacement and Dispersal Area Reduction by Human Activities within Kimana Group Ranch Corridor Near Amboseli, Kenya
Megan McNaught

Essay: Environmental Field-Based Research: A Kenyan Perspective
Simon ole Seno

Cotton Production in Mali: Subsidies or Sustainable Development?
Lindsey Moore

Essay: Giving a Personal Face to an Issue
Modibo Coulibaly

Where are They Now? Updates from Past Student Authors

*Winners of The Forum on Education Abroad’s 2005 Undergraduate Research Award

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