Volume XIX, Fall/Winter 2010


Brian Whalen, Editor

Interactive Contact as Linguistic Affordance during Short-term Study Abroad:  Myth or Reality?
Heather Allen

Learning to Identify the Foreign in Developed Countries: The Example of Ireland
Colin Ireland

Another Mishegas: Global Citizenship
Michael Woolf

An Analysis of Contact Types of Study Abroad Students: The Peer Cohort, the Host Culture and the Electronic Presence of the Home Culture in Relation to Readiness and Outcomes
Victor Savicki

The Development of Vocational Calling, Identity, and Faith in College Students: A Preliminary Study of the Impact of Study Abroad
Cindy Miller-Perrin and Don Thompson

A Comparative Study on Second Language Vocabulary Development: Study Abroad vs. Classroom Settings
Antonio F. Jimenez-Jimenez

Anonymous Sojourners: Mapping the Territory of Caribbean Experiences of Immersion for Language Learning
Ian Craig

Study Abroad and the Internet: Physical and Virtual Context in an Era of Expanding Telecommunications
James A. Coleman and Tony Chafer

Long-term Career Impact and Professional Applicability of the Study Abroad Experience
Kimberly Franklin

A Report on Germany as a Study Abroad Destination for U.S. Students in STEM Disciplines
David Comp

Implications of Early Sociocultural Adaptations for Study Abroad Students
Victor Savicki

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