Volume XV, Winter 2007-2008


Brian Whalen, Editor

Student Involvement as Predictive of College Freshmen Plans to Study Abroad
Val Rust, Cathryn Dhanatya, Linda H.L. Furuto, & Omid Kheiltash

Employer Attitudes toward Study Abroad
Stevan  Trooboff, Michael Vande Berg, & Jack Rayman

The View from the Veranda: Understanding Today’s Colonial Student
Anthony Ogden

The Opportunity Cost of Study Abroad Programs: An Economics-Based Analysis
George Heitmann

Differences in Global-Mindedness between Short-Term and Semester-Long Study Abroad Participants
Kevin Kehl and Jason Morris

A Notion at Risk: Interrogating the Educational Role of Off-Campus Study in the Liberal Arts
Andrew Law and Sue Mennicke

Persistence at a Liberal Arts University and Participation in a Study-Abroad Program
Denise Y. Young

Intercultural Development: Topics and Sequences
Victor Savicki, Ingrid Adams, April Wilde, & Frauke Binder

Japanese Vocabulary Acquisition by Learners in Three Contexts
Dan P. Dewey

The Role of Faculty Study Abroad Directors: A Case Study
Matthew L. Goode

The Home Stay: A Gendered Perspective
Heather Gutel

Designing Assessment into a Study Abroad Course
Cathy Santanello and Laura Wolff

‘The Pursuit of Exotica’: A Comment
Adrian Shubert

Book Reviews:

Robert White: A River in Spain: Discovering the Duero Valley in Old Castile. London and New York: I.B. Tauris Publishers. 1998. 192 pp. $18.95
Katharine C. Krebs

Brian Ladd: The Ghosts of Berlin. Confronting German History in the Urban Landscape. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1997. 282 pp. $30.00
Sigi Leonhard

Claudio Magris: Danube. Translated from Italian by Patrick Creagh (Paperback edition). London: The Harvill Press. 2001. 416 pp. $13.50
Barbara Gügold

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