Volume XVI, Winter 2008

Special Issue: Undergraduate Research Abroad


From the Editor
Brian Whalen

Introduction: Overseeing Study Abroad Research: Challenges, Responsibilities and the Institutional Review Board
Bernhard Streitwieser and Neal Sobania

The Cultural Implications of Primary Health Care and the Declaration of Alma-Ata: The Health District of Kégdougou, Senegal
*Demetri Blanas

The Faces of Globalization: The Recovered Factories Movement of Argentina
*Hannah Arem

France says ‘Non’: Elites, Masses, and the Defeat of the European Constitutional Treaty
*Jason Nossiter

We Could Be Heroes: Mythico-History, Diasporic Nationalism, and Youth Identity among Tibetan Refugees in Nepal
Sophia Ann Balakian

Where Are They Now? Updates from Past Student Authors

*Winners of The Forum on Education Abroad’s 2007 Undergraduate Research Award

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