Volume XVII, Fall 2008


Brian Whalen, Editor

Study Abroad and Intercultural Development: A Longitudinal Study
Richard J. Rexeisen, Philiip H. Anderson, Leigh Lawton, & Ann C. Hubbard

Not Serious Stuff? Service-Learning in Context: An International Perspective
Michael Woolf

Increasing Study Abroad Participation: Faculty Make the Difference
Eva Paus and Michael Robinson

Global Citizenship and Study Abroad: A Comparative Study of American and Australian Undergraduates
Nadine Dolby

Two Personality Variables and the Cross-cultural Adjustment of Study Abroad Students
J. Kline Harrison and Elizabeth Voelker

A Strategies-Based Approach to Culture and Language Learning in Education Abroad Programming
Joseph G. Hoff and R. Michael Paige

Does Language Matter? The Impact of Language of Instruction on Study Abroad Outcomes
Emily Mohajeri Norris and Michael Steinberg

Study Abroad and Career Paths of Business Students
Tammy Orahood, Jennie Woolf, & Larisa Kruze

In Memoriam: David J. Macey

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