Volume XVIII, Fall 2009


Brian Whalen, Editor

The Georgetown Consortium Project: Interventions for Student Learning Abroad
Michael Vande Berg, Jeffrey Connor-Linton, & R. Michael Paige

African American Women Scholars and International Research: Dr. Anna Julia Cooper’s Legacy of Study Abroad
Stephanie Evans

Assessing Progress in Global Learning and Development of Students with Education Abroad Experiences
Larry A. Braskamp, David C. Braskamp, & Kelly Merrill

Transcending the Culturalist Impasse in Stays Abroad: Helping Mobile Students to Appreciate Diverse Diversities
Fred Dervin

Holistic Assessment and the Study Abroad Experience
Dennis Doyle

Preparedness for Study Abroad: Comparing the Linguistic Outcomes of a Short-Term Spanish Program by Third, Fourth and Sixth Semester L2 Learners
Lucile Duperron and Mark H. Overstreet

Post-reciprocity: In Defense of the ‘Post’ Perspective
Martha Johnson

Over-stressed, Overwhelmed, and Over Here: Resident Directors and the Challenges of Student Mental Health Abroad
John Lucas

Beyond Reflection: Refraction and International Experiential Education
Monica Pagano and Laura Roselle

Making Study Abroad a Winning Proposition for Pre-Tenure Faculty
William Moseley

Becoming the Change We Want to See: Critical Study Abroad for a Tumultuous World
Doug Reilly and Stefan Senders

Universal Design and Study Abroad: (Re-)Designing Programs for Access
Heidi Soneson and Roberta J. Cordano

The Reflective Model of Intercultural Competency: A Multidimensional, Qualitative Approach to Study Abroad Assessment
Tracy Rundstrom Williams

Students’ Self-Reported Changes in Intercultural Knowledge and Competence Associated with Three Undergraduate Science Experiences
Carol Bender, David Wright, & David Lopatto

Reimagining the Curriculum in Study Abroad: Globalizing Multiculturalism to Prepare Future Teachers
JoAnn Phillion, Erik L. Malewski, Suniti Sharma, & Yuxiang Wang

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