Volume XX, Spring 2011

Special Issue: Study Abroad and the City

From the Editor
Brian Whalen

Elizabeth Brewer and Michael Monahan, Guest Editors

First City, Anti-City: Cain, Heterotopia, and Study Abroad
Lance Kenney

Experiential Approaches to the Global City: London as Social Laboratory
Anthony Gristwood and Michael Woolf

Study Abroad and the City: Mapping Urban Histories
Scott Blair

The Ballet of the Streets: Teaching about Cities at Street Level
Pat McGuire and Jim Spates

Jerusalem: City of Dreams, City of Sorrows
Thomas Ricks

Note: The text of Thomas Ricks’ article that was published in the print version was not the text approved by the author. Frontiers apologizes for this error. The article linked here contains the unedited text as approved by its author.

Learning to Unlearn: Transformative Education in the City
Mieka Ritsema, Barbara E. Knecht, & Kenneth E. Kruckemeyer

Performing Cities: Engaging the High-tech Flâneur
Karen Rodríguez and Bradley Rink

The Greek Key: Getting Acquainted in Athens
J. Hunter Augeri, Eirene Efstathiou, Maria Michou, & Jan Motyka Sanders

The Experiential Teaching of Berlin— Theoretical Reflections and Best Practices from a Study Abroad Site
Thomas Wagenknecht

When in Rome
Anne Ellen Geller

When the City is Your Classroom
Lisa G. Sapolis, Milla C. Riggio, & Xiangming Chen

Study Abroad and the City: Bringing the Lessons Back Home
Elizabeth Brewer

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