Volume XXI, Fall 2011


Brian Whalen, Editor

The Constructive Marginal of Moby-Dick: Ishmael and the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity
Jeff Morgan

When Social Support Fits into your Luggage: Online Support Seeking and its Effects on the Traditional Study Abroad Experience
Jude Mikal

The Impact of Cultural Intelligence and Psychological Hardiness on Homesickness among Study Abroad Students
J. Kline Harrison and Holly H. Brower

Relationship of Foreign Language Proficiency to Study Abroad Outcomes and Inputs
Victor Savicki

Intercultural Development: Study Abroad Vs. On-Campus Study
Phillip H. Anderson and Leigh Lawton

Confirmed Beliefs or False Assumptions? A Study of Home Stay Experiences in the French Study Abroad Context
Wenhao Diao, Barbara Freed, & Leigh Smith

A Necessary Partnership: Study Abroad and Sustainability in Higher Education
Andrea M.W. Dvorak, Lars D. Christiansen, Nancy L. Fischer, Joseph B. Underhill

Host Language Proficiency, Intercultural Sensitivity, and Study Abroad
Jane Jackson

Internationalizing Social Work Education: Models, Methods, and Meanings
Martha C. Merrill and Caren J. Frost

Curricular and Extra‐Curricular Programs Supporting Improved International Learning Mobility Experiences: An Emerging Trend in Australia
John Molony

Meta-travel: A critical inquiry into a China Study Tour
Jennifer Riggan, Sonya Gwak, Joy Lesnick, Kara Jackson, & Stacey Olitsky

Community Redefined: School Leaders Moving from Autonomy to Global Interdependence through Short-Term Study Abroad
Janis B. Fine and Krista W. McNamara

Franco-American Teachers-in-Training: A Study of Best Practices in Teaching and Studying Abroad
Susan Colville-Hall and Maria Adamowicz-Hariasz

The Baggage They Carry: Study Abroad and the Construction of “Europe” in the American Mind
Michael Woolf

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