Volume XXIII, Fall 2013


Inclusive Excellence and Underrepresentation of Students of Color in Study Abroad
Karyn Sweeney

Assessing Global Awareness over Short-Term Study Abroad Sequence: A Factor Analysis
Mark Kurt, Neal Olitsky, & Paul Geis

The Long-term Personal and Professional Impacts of Participating in Study Abroad Programs
Don DeGraaf, Cynthia Slagter, Kelly Larsen, & Elisa Ditta

Sociocultural Adaptation of U.S. Education Abroad Students in Greece: The Effects of Program Duration and Intervention
Efi Antonakopoulou

Students’ Study Abroad Plans: the Influence of Motivational and Personality Factors
Manyu Li, Josephine E. Olson, & Irene Hanson Frieze

The Impact of Study Abroad on Academic Success: An Analysis of First-Time Students Entering Old Dominion University, Virginia, 2000-2004
Min Xu, Chandra DeSilva, Ellen Neufeldt, & Jane H. Dane

Education Abroad in China: Literature Review of Study Abroad Program Types, Outcomes and Benefits
Brett Dixon