Volume XXIV, Fall 2014


The Impact of Study Abroad on the Global Engagement of University Graduates
Dianna Murphy, Narek Sahakyan, Doua Yong-Yi & Sally Sieloff Magnan

Development and Validation of the Wesleyan Intercultural Competence Scale (WICS): A Tool for Measuring the Impact of Study Abroad Experiences
Steven Stemler,  Toshie Imada, Carolyn Sorkin

Curriculum Integration versus Educating for Global Citizenship: A (Disciplinary) View from the International Relations Classroom
Dennis Gordon

Language Proficiency, Reading Development, and Learning Context
Liu Li

Measuring the Effects of a Semester Abroad on Students’ Oral Proficiency Gains: A Comparison of At Home and Study Abroad
Christopher J. Jochum

How does Short-term Foreign Language Immersion Stimulate Language Learning?
Baron L. Savage and Haning Z. Hughes

Government Factors Influencing an Expansion of Study Abroad in the Middle East/North Africa
Cara Lane-Toomey