Volume XXV, Spring 2015


Intercultural Wonderment and Study Abroad
Mark Engberg and T.J. Jourian

The Role of Pedagogical Variables in Intercultural Development: a Study of Faculty-led Programs
Allison Spenader and Peggy Retka

Applying Geocritical Theory to the Study Abroad Learning Experience
Michael K. Walonen

Teaching The Portrait of a Lady as a Tale of Two Travelers
Amy Muse

The Intersection of Language and Culture in Study Abroad: Assessment and Analysis of Study Abroad Outcomes
Jeffrey R. Watson and Richard L. Wolfel

How Preservice Teachers’ Study Abroad Experiences Lead to Changes in Their Perceptions of English Language Learners
Adriana Medina, Jennifer Hathaway, Paola Pilonieta

College Students’ Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Participation in Study Abroad
Kelly M. Bryant and Krista M. Soria

International Service Learning: Analytical Review of Published Research Literature
Brett Dixon

Adult Second Language Learners’ Pragmatic Development in the Study-abroad Context: A Review
Feng Xiao

The Forum BEVI Project: Applications and Implications for International, Multicultural, and Transformative Learning
Elizabeth Wandschneider, et al.