Volume XXII, Winter/Spring 2013


Brian Whalen, Editor

The High Impact of Education Abroad: College Students’ Engagement in International Experiences and the Development of Intercultural Competencies
Michael J. Stebleton, Krista M. Soria, & Blythe T. Cherney

From Study Abroad to Global Studies: Reconstructing International Education for a Globalized World
Theodore E. Long

Language Fluency and Study Abroad Adaptation
Victor Savicki, Carmen Arrúe, & Frauke Binder

Intercultural Competence and Language Variety on Study Abroad Programs: L2 Learners of Arabic
Jeremy Palmer

Social Network Development, Language Use, and Language Acquisition during Study Abroad: Arabic Language Learners’ Perspectives
Dan P. Dewey, R. Kirk Belnap, & Rebecca Hillstrom

The Rewards of Qualitative Assessment Appropriate to Study Abroad
Lilli Engle

City As Relationship
Martha Johnson

The Effects of Affect on Study Abroad Students
Victor Savicki

Examine your LENS: A Tool for Interpreting Cultural Differences
Tracey Rundstrom Williams

Study Abroad and the Boomerang Effect: The End is Only the Beginning
Richard J. Rexeisen

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