Volume XXIX, Issue 2, Fall 2017

Teaching Mathematics in Multi-Lingual Classrooms: Developing Intercultural Competence via a Study Abroad Program
Lisa Anne Kasmer & Esther Billings

Using a PRISM for Reflecting: Providing Tools for Study Abroad Students to Increase their Intercultural Competency
Tracy Rundstrom Williams

Doing More With Less: Civic Practices for Longer-Term Impact in Global Service Learning
Nuria Alonso García & Nicholas V. Longo

Components of Reflection: A Longitudinal Analysis of Study Abroad Student Blog Posts
Victor Savicki & Michele V. Price

Studios Abroad: A Challenge in Innovative Pedagogy
Joseli Macedo

Feeling Our Way: Emotions and the Politics of Global Citizenship in Study Abroad Programming
Nicole Laliberté & Charlene Waddell

Stereotype Threat in U.S. Students Abroad: Negotiating American Identity in the Age of Trump
Susan Goldstein

Intercultural Competence in Short-Term Study Abroad
Annie Nguyen

Book Review

Assessing Study Abroad: Theory, Tools, and Practice.
Savicki, V. & Brewer, E. (eds.)