Volume XXVI, Fall 2015

Anniversary Volume, Celebrating 20 years of Frontiers!

Predictors of Preference for the Exported Campus Model of Study Abroad
Susan B. Goldstein

Effects of an International Experience Requirement, Year in School, and Preferred Program Duration on Student Interest in Study Abroad
Adrienne F. Richart

Evaluating the Study Abroad Experience using the framework of Rotter’s Social Learning Theory
Mark McLeod, Vince Carter, Steve Nowicki, Dana Tottenham, Philip Wainwright, & Dana Wyner

Student Motivation to Study Abroad and Their Intercultural Development
Philip H. Anderson, Ann Hubbard, Leigh Lawton

The MSA: An Instrument for Measuring Motivation to Study Abroad
Philip H. Anderson, Leigh Lawton

The Effects of Studying Abroad and Studying Sustainability on Students’ Global Perspectives
Michael A. Tarrant, Donald L. Rubin, Lee Stoner

Competing priorities: Student perceptions of helps and hindrances to language acquisition during study abroad
Marcie J. Pyper, Cynthia Slagter

Long-Term Impacts of Short-Term Study Abroad: Teacher Perceptions of Preservice Study Abroad Experiences
James Shiveley and Thomas Misco

 Beyond “It was Great”? Not so Fast!
A response to the argument that study abroad results are disappointing and that intervention is necessary to promote students’ intercultural competence
E. David Wong

Deductibility of Expenses for Studying Abroad
Robert Slater & Dana L. Hart

Changing Minds: The Impact of Study Abroad Components on Students’ Changes in Their Religious Faith
Trevor Poag & Jill Sperandio

International Education in the 21st Century: The Importance of Faculty in Developing Study Abroad Research Opportunities
Todd Giedt, Gigi Gokcek, & Jayati Ghosh

The effect of study abroad on intercultural competence: Results from a longitudinal quasi-experimental study
Sybille Heinzmann, Roland Künzle, Nicole Schallhart, Marianne Müller

“And Still We Rise…”: Microaggressions and Intersectionality in the Study Abroad Experiences of Black Women
Tasha Y. Willis

The Global Engagement Measurement Scale (GEMS): A New Scale for Assessing the Impact of Education Abroad and Campus Internationalization
Noel L. Shadowen, Lisa P. Chieffo, & Nancy G. Guerra

Learning from Our Mistakes: International Educators Reflect
David Shallenberger

Study Abroad Reentry: Behavior, Affect, and Cultural Distance
Kelsey M. Gray & Victor Savicki