Volume XXVII, Spring 2016

Keep Calm and Study Abroad: The Effect of Learning Abroad on Student Mental Health
Amber Bathke & Ryoka Kim

Mutual Intercultural Relations among University Students in Canada
Yongxia Gui, Saba Safdar, John Berry

Jafari and Transformation:
A model to enhance short-term overseas study tours

Timothy Hall, Tonia Gray, Greg Downey, Colin Sheringham, Benjamin Jones, Anne Power, Son Truong

Comparing International Student Friendship Networks in Buenos Aires: Direct Enrollment Program vs. Study Abroad Centers
Blake Hendrickson

The Impact of Study Abroad Experiences on Vocational Identity among College Students
Julia F. Kronholz & Debra S. Osborn

Beliefs about Language Learning in Study Abroad: Advocating for a Language Ideology Approach
Victoria Surtees