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  • I certify that I have no known conflicts of interest that could bias my opinion of this manuscript. I have no personal or financial interest in the success or failure of any programs or organizations I believe that the manuscript may be describing. I agree to remain impartial and judge the quality of the manuscript based on what is contained therein and not based on other knowledge or experiences I may have related to programs, institutions, or authors involved in the preparation of this manuscript or the work that it describes.
  • I promise to maintain the anonymity and confidentiality of this peer review process and the people and institutions involved throughout the process and in perpetuity, regardless of whether the manuscript is eventually published.
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  • These comments will be shared with the author(s) as written in order to provide constructive feedback which can improve the article and make it ready for publication. Please ensure that the comments provided here address the questions and themes identified in our guide For Peer Reviewers.
  • You may upload up to two (2) .doc or .pdf files, which can include in-line mark-up of the manuscript or comments to the editors and authors. Please ensure that your documents do not include your name or other identifiers before upload.
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