Frontiers maintains a list of books that it receives from publishers and that are available for review on an ongoing basis.  This page is also used to announce calls for proposals for books, special issues, or other projects in the field of education abroad that the Frontiers editors receive.

Frontiers welcomes reviews of the publications listed below, as well as reviews of other texts relevant to the field of education abroad. If you are interested, read more about proposing a book review.


Howard, M. (ed.) (2019). Study Abroad, Second Language Acquisition and Interculturality. Bristol, United Kingdom: Multilingual Matters.

Sweitzer, H. F. & King, M. A. (2018). The Successful Internship: Personal, Professional, and Civic Development in Experiential Learning. United States: Cengage.

Constantinou, C., Miller, M. J., & Schlesinger, K., eds. (2017). International Librarianship: Developing Professional, Intercultural, and Educational Leadership. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.

Submitting materials for review consideration

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Other publishing opportunities in our field:

CAPA Occasional Papers series, Empires of the Mind? (Post)colonialism and Decolonizing Education Abroad, deadline: December 20, 2019