Volume XXXI, Issue 1, Spring 2019

Support for a Multidimensional Model of Study Abroad Immersion Preference
Susan B. Goldstein

Understanding How Program Factors Influence Intercultural Learning in Study Abroad: The Benefits of Mixed-Method Analysis
Andrea Paras et al.

Linguistic Loneliness and Study Abroad
Cynthia Slagter and Marcie J. Pyper

Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Fostering Reflection
Ali Hamilton, Donald Rubin, Michael Tarrant & Mikkel Gleason

Photovoices of Urban Educational Leadership Students Abroad in Peru
W. Kyle Ingle and Detra Johnson

An Analysis of the Connections Between Involvement in Study Abroad, Other High-Impact Educational Practices, and Co-Curricular Activities
Lily M. Di Maggio

Global Citizenship through Global Health
Lee Stoner et al.

An Interprofessional, Intercultural, Immersive Short-Term Study Abroad Program: Public Health and Service Systems in Rome
Sara A. McComb, Lorenzo Fedele, Patrick A. Brunese and Vicki L. Simpson

Learning to Teach in the Field: Five Professors Tell How Running an Overseas Study Tour Improved Their Classroom Teaching 
Katherine Ellinghaus et al.

Book Reviews

Chilson, Peter and Mulcahy, Joanne B. (2017). Writing Abroad: A Guide for Travelers. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. 224 pages.

Hartman, Eric, Kiely, Richard, Boettcher, Christopher, and Friedrichs, Jessica. (2018). Community-Based Global Learning: The Theory and Practice of Ethical Engagement at Home and Abroad. Sterling, VA: Stylus. 275 pages.