Volume XXXI, Issue 2, Fall 2019

Examining Relationships between Education Abroad Program Design and College Students’ Global Learning
Tara D. Hudson and Rachel Tomás Morgan

Gender x Culture: A pilot project exploring the study abroad experiences of trans and gender expansive students
Taylor Michl, Kelsey Pegg, and Amanda Kracen

There and Back Again. . . Safely: Examining Students’ Reports of Substance Use and Sexual Assault Prevention Program Receipt Prior to Departure Abroad
Sierra Smucker et al.

Assets-Based Learning Abroad: First-Generation Latinx College Students Leveraging and Increasing Community Cultural Wealth in Costa Rica
David Wick et al.

The Impacts of International Service Learning on a Host Community in Kenya: Host Student Perspectives Related to Global Citizenship and Relative Deprivation
Elizabeth Mogford and Christopher J. Lyons

Developing Global Competencies through International Teaching: Using Critical Cosmopolitan Theory to Compare Case Studies of Two Study Abroad Programs
Erik Jon Byker and Tingting Xu

Student Learning Objectives: What Instructors Emphasize in Short-Term Study Abroad
Elizabeth Niehaus et al.

Fostering Global Competence through Short-Term Study Abroad
Theresa Schenker

Eastern Promises Fulfilled: The Differential Impact of Marketing-Focused Short-Term Study Abroad Programs in India and Japan
Zafar Iqbal

Taking Longer, but Finishing Just as Strong: A Comparison of Pell and Non-Pell Study Abroad Participants’ GPA and Time-to-Graduation
Steven D. Bell and Chris R. Glass

Book Reviews

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Pasquarelli, Susan Lee, Cole, Robert A., and Tyson, Michael J. (eds.) (2018). Passport to Change. Designing Academically Sound, Culturally Relevant, Short-term, Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs. Sterling, VA: Stylus. 256 pages.