Large-Scale Assessment of Student Attitudes after a Short-Term Study Abroad Program


  • Lisa Chieffo
  • Lesa Griffiths



Student Attitudes, Short-term, Study Abroad


The team’s primary interest in conceiving this research project was to determine whether students taking courses abroad, regardless of the nature of their particular program, acquire “global awareness” to a greater extent than those who enroll in similar courses on campus and whether, at the end of the session, there was a statistically significant difference between the two groups.  The project was also influenced by previous work done by the University of Georgia’s Office of International Education on study abroad outcomes assessment. (See for details.)


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Author Biographies

Lisa Chieffo

Lisa Chieffo studied abroad in Vienna, Tübingen and Bayreuth, Germany. She earned her M.A. in German and her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Delaware. She served as Study Abroad Coordinator in UD’s Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures for eight years and has been the Associate Director of the Center for International Studies since 2002.

Lesa Griffiths

Lesa Griffiths is a Professor of Animal Science and served as the Associate Dean for Academic Programs prior to her current position as director of the University of Delaware Center for International Studies. The recipient of awards for teaching excellence, she has also received a number of instructional grants and gifts and has authored a variety of publications. She has accompanied students on study abroad programs focused on international agriculture.


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