Promoting Student Retention, Completion, and Intercultural Growth Through Short-Term Study Abroad


  • Timothy D. Gwillim Davidson-Davie Community College



Community college, completion, intercultural competence, retention, short-term, study abroad


Short term study abroad use by community colleges has been on the rise. This study looks at the effectiveness of short-term study abroad programs at a community college. The study examines the use of these programs in promoting student retention, completion, and growth in intercultural competence. By looking at student retention and completion rates among the students who have participated in a short-term program and comparing them to the overall student population at the same college, the effectiveness of the programs is examined. Also, the study looks at student growth in intercultural competence using qualitative methods.

Abstract in Spanish

El uso de estudios a corto plazo en el extranjero por parte de los colegios comunitarios ha ido en aumento. Este estudio analiza la eficacia de los programas de estudios a corto plazo en el extranjero en un colegio comunitario. El studio examina el uso de estos programas para promover la retención, finalización y crecimiento de los estudiantes en la competencia intercultural. Al observar las tasas de retención y finalización entre los estudiantes que han participado en un programa a corto plazo y comparándolos con la población general de estudiantes en el mismo colegio, se examina la eficacia de los programas. Además, el studio se fija en el crecimiento de los estudiantes en la competencia intercultural utilizando métodos cualitativos.


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Author Biography

Timothy D. Gwillim, Davidson-Davie Community College

Timothy D. Gwillim, EdD, is the Dean of Workforce Training and Community Engagement at Davidson-Davie Community College. A Fulbright alumnus, he holds a BS in Youth Ministries (Pensacola Christian College), MS in Educational Administration (Pensacola Christian College), MA in Political Science (University of West Florida), and EdS and EdD in Higher Education Executive Leadership (Wingate University).


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