Integrating Study Abroad Research and Practice: First-Generation Students in Focus


  • Nelson Brunsting Wake Forest University
  • Sean McGlynn Wake Forest University



First-generation students, research-to-practice, study abroad


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Author Biographies

Nelson Brunsting, Wake Forest University

Nelson Brunsting, PhD, is a Research Associate Professor of Contemporary Global Studies and serves as the Executive Director of the Center for Research on Abroad and International Student Engagement (RAISE Center) at Wake Forest University. His research interests center on understanding and enhancing the wellbeing and social-emotional development of diverse populations in academic contexts.

Sean McGlynn, Wake Forest University

Sean McGlynn, MA, is a Senior Study Abroad Advisor at Wake Forest University where he oversees all of the university’s summer and short-term faculty-led programs. Sean has spent four summers working as an On-Site Program Coordinator in Europe with a faculty-led architecture program.


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Brunsting, N., & McGlynn, S. (2023). Integrating Study Abroad Research and Practice: First-Generation Students in Focus. Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, 35(2), 52–57.



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