Program Intervention in the Process of Cultural Integration: The Example of French Practicum


  • John Engle
  • Lilli Engle



Study abroad, Cultural integration, France


We can, we think, advance the premise that study abroad enriches to the degree that it takes participants out of the velour world of the campus and the form-fitting comfort of their own culture—in other words, to the degree that it disturbs and, thus, awakens. As anyone who has lived abroad knows, the genuine traversal into another culture is a challenging, occasionally painful experience. Yet it is primarily through the temporary discomfort of challenges met, the hard learning of embarrassment, and the humility fostered by intimate contact with other ways of thinking and being that education occurs abroad. We might say that it is only in this discomfort that ease and security abroad can take root.


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Author Biographies

John Engle

John Engle is the co-founder of the American University Center of Provence and maître de conférences at the Université de Toulon et du Var. He has written extensively on international education and modern literature. 

Lilli Engle

Lilli Engle is the co-founder and Director of the American Center of Provence and President of International Cultural Services. She serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Experiment in International Living (France). 


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