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This current volume of Frontiers contains articles on a wide range of study abroad topics that are examined by a diversity of disciplinary perspectives The increasing number and variety of manuscripts that Frontiers receives is reflected in the articles in this volume, demonstrating that the study abroad field has matured into an area rich with many important research opportunities The research perspectives represented here span several disciplines, and reflect the complex nature of study abroad Topics in this volume include the economics of study abroad, language learning, the role of faculty study abroad directors, homestays, short-term versus long-term programs, the relationship of off-campus study to the liberal arts, study abroad students as “colonials,” predictors of study abroad, employer attitudes about study abroad, designing an assessable course, intercultural development, and study abroad participation and persistence toward graduation. These articles would not be published without the efforts of manuscript reviewers I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many colleagues who have assisted Frontiers by judging manuscripts for this volume Their independent judgments about and recommendations to authors are essential elements of producing this journal, and we simply could not publish without their contributions I wish also to thank again the colleges and universities that sponsor Frontiers. Their support ensures that this journal maintains its high quality and independence, and can be disseminated widely

Brian Whalen, Editor

Dickinson College

The Forum on Education Abroad


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Author Biography

Brian Whalen

Brian Whalen is Director of International Education at Marist College and has taught courses in the Intercultural Relations Program at the Lesley College Graduate School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He spent five years as a resident director in Italy and has published in the areas of philosophical psychology and cultural psychology. 


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