Increasing Study Abroad Participation: Faculty Make the Difference


  • Eva Paus
  • Michael Robinson



Study abroad, Study abroad decision-making, Institutional policy, education abroad


This article proposes a model to devise the most effective policies at the institutional level to expand education abroad participation. The paper advances the understanding of the determinants of study abroad in two important ways. First, it shows that going beyond descriptive statistics and simple correlations and using multivariate analysis allows one to isolate the factors that are statistically most important in the study abroad context of a particular institution. Second, the analysis identifies parent and faculty encouragement as key determinants of a student’s study abroad decision.


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Author Biographies

Eva Paus

Eva Paus is the Carol Hoffman Collins Director of the McCulloch Center for Global Initiative and Professor of Economics at Mount Holyoke College. Her research interests include economic development, globalization, and higher education. 

Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson is Professor of Economics at Mount Holyoke College. His research interests include the economics of higher education and applied econometrics. 


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