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Curated by our publisher, The Forum on Education Abroad, the Education Abroad Teaching & Learning Toolbox is an online, open-acces, peer-reviewed resource center dedicated to advancing effective teaching and learning in education abroad.  The Toolbox showcases novel and evidence-based resources as well as case studies. 

The Toolbox is intended as an open-source service to international educators across the globe to support the dissemination and growth of effective and scholarly teaching practice in education abroad. 

Who may submit: 

Educators from institutions and organizations are welcome to submit materials for consideration to the Toolbox. 

Toolbox Editors encourage submissions that reflect the richness and diversity of teaching and learning in education abroad across a variety of disciplines, levels of the curriculum/co-curriculum, program types, and instructional standpoints.  

Membership in The Forum is not a prerequisite for submission to the Toolkit.   

Types of products eligible for inclusion: 

  • Program Models*: includes an overview of the program highlighting key features – submission based on a template and aligned with the criteria for The Forum’s Curriculum Award; a completed program model also includes a submitted syllabus and signature assignment

    *Accepted program models submitted by Forum member institutions will be considered for The Forum’s Annual Award for Excellence in Education Abroad Curriculum Design. 
  • Case Studies: in this case, refers to manuscripts in which the author(s) document a single program/course in detail, analyze features of it considering frameworks or theories and draw insights from it.  The goal here is a reflective exercise to illustrate use of evidence-based practices, to share novel approaches and to evidence scholarly teaching in action.    

Copyright and Licensing 

All accepted manuscripts and products are published online under the terms of a Creative Commons License. Authors retain the copyright to their work. Users may read, copy, and distribute the work in any medium or format for non-commercial purposes, provided the authors and the journal are appropriately credited. 

Review Criteria 

For Program Models 
Materials submitted as part of a Program Model submission will be reviewed based on their alignment with the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad by:

  • Providing an academically rigorous program of study; 
  • Develops learning and program objectives that foster student learning and development 
  • Uses evidence to assess the degree to which outcomes are achieved; 
  • Enriches the learning experience through the use of the location and/or its unique resources; 
  • Provides scaffolding and feedback to support learners to connect course concepts with program experiences 
  • Demonstrates effective use of critical reflection to generate learning 

For Case Studies:

Submitted Case Studies should be 3500-5000 words in length. They will be assessed based on the following criteria for publication:

  • Relevance and significance of the case study to education abroad teaching and learning
  • Clearly and concisely describes the issues or gaps faced and the rationale for the proposed intervention or assessment
  • Provides contextual detail about the education abroad course and program design and the roles of the people and institutions involved 
  • Identifies a clear unit of analysis and describes data collection methods such that they could be replicated by a reader
  • Is committed to truthfulness and transparency
  • Discusses and evaluates the pros, cons, feasibility, and effectiveness of the intervention or asssement
  • Summarizes key learnings and takeaways

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