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The heft of this volume, one of the thickest that Frontiers has published, is an indication that research in study abroad continues to expand. The articles that appear on these pages were selected from among a record number of submissions and represent the growing diversity and sophistication of research in this field. Frontiers accepts for publication approximately 20% of manuscripts that are submitted, the lowest acceptance rate in its nearly twenty-year history. 

The editorial board appreciates greatly the work of the many manuscript reviewers who have dedicated their time in judging articles. Their expert analyses and recommendations are essential to Frontiers fulfilling its mission of being a high quality, peer-reviewed publication. 

This year marks a turning point for Frontiers. The editorial board has decided to transition to becoming an exclusively online publication beginning with the fall, 2012 volume. As readers know, past articles are available on the Frontiers web site for easy accessibility and at no charge. In the future, we plan to maintain this free accessibility and promote the web presence of Frontiers more widely to increase readership. 

Eliminating the hard copy of Frontiers is an environmentally responsible decision that will not only reduce paper usage, but also make the publication process more efficient. Both authors and readers will benefit from a speeded-up process of making articles available. Once accepted, and after making their way through the editorial process, articles will be uploaded onto the web site in a timely fashion. 

The transition to an exclusively online publication will not alter the quality of the content of Frontiers. The same peer review process that has been the backbone of Frontiers will continue to help assure that the articles that appear are relevant to advancing the field of study abroad. The editorial board has the same goal that it has always had: to publish the definitive journal in the field, one that informs and inspires colleagues to advance study abroad to new frontiers. 

Brian J. Whalen,

Editor Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad 


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Author Biography

Brian Whalen

Brian Whalen is Director of International Education at Marist College and has taught courses in the Intercultural Relations Program at the Lesley College Graduate School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He spent five years as a resident director in Italy and has published in the areas of philosophical psychology and cultural psychology.


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