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This is the final hard copy volume of Frontiers and therefore marks a milestone. Future volumes will appear exclusively online, although we will consider publishing special issues in hard copy. This means that hard copy subscriptions will no longer be available; however, Frontiers will be available free of charge on our web site, along with all of the back issues. 

The editorial board made the decision to move exclusively online for a few reasons. First and foremost, the board wanted to maintain the affordability of the journal. Few academic journals are as reasonably priced and as accessible as is Frontiers. However, the rising cost of printing and distributing Frontiers has increased the overall cost of producing the journal. We were faced with the need either to increase the price substantially or to rethink our publishing model and keep the journal affordable. Moving to an online journal seems to be the right solution.

Second, we will publish accepted articles in a more timely manner by uploading them onto the web site as individual articles are approved and edited on an ongoing basis. This will benefit the authors who have their articles accepted for publication by shortening the time from acceptance to publication. Readers will also benefit by being able to read articles as soon as they are accepted and published without having to wait for the full volume to be produced.

Third, we believe that ceasing production of a hard copy volume is the more environmentally responsible thing to do. Readers can read the journal online, and/or choose to print out any selected text they would like, thus saving paper from being wasted. In addition, we will save energy by not shipping the journal.

The editorial board has discussed and renewed its strong commitment to maintaining the high-quality content of Frontiers. We will continue to utilize a double-blind review process to judge and select articles and keep as our principal goal the publication of high-quality research and writing on important study abroad topics and issues. Readers should be assured that Frontiers will continue to aspire to be the most important publication serving the study abroad field. 

As the journal transitions to an online publication, I want to thank my editorial board colleagues for their ongoing collaboration; our institutional sponsors for their outstanding commitment and support; Dickinson College for continuing to provide Frontiers with its home; the many colleagues who serve as manuscript reviewers; the authors whose work appears in the journal; and the readers who continue to benefit from what they read on the pages of Frontiers, whether they be paper or electronic.

Brian J. Whalen, editor


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Author Biography

Brian Whalen

Brian Whalen is Director of International Education at Marist College and has taught courses in the Intercultural Relations Program at the Lesley College Graduate School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He spent five years as a resident director in Italy and has published in the areas of philosophical psychology and cultural psychology.


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