Intercultural Development: Topics and Sequences


  • Victor Savicki
  • Ingrid Adams
  • April Wilde
  • Frauke Binder



Intercultural development, Topics, Sequences, study abroad, Education abroad


This article presents a study which tracked reports of cultural events and topics deemed salient by university student sojourners over their semester of study abroad in an attempt to discover not only which topics were identified, but also the sequence in which the sojourners found those topics salient. Evidence for sequences of topic salience has implications for the education and support of sojourners both prior to departure and during exposure to a new culture.


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Author Biographies

Victor Savicki

Victor Savicki is Professor of Psychology, Emeritus at Western Oregon University. He the editor of a book entitled “Intercultural Growth and Learning in International Education: Theory, Research, and Application,” which will be released by Stylus Publishing in early 2008. He is the author of 11 publications and 14 presentations related to stress and coping in international settings, as well as intercultural adjustment. He is currently involved in several projects focused on assessing the outcomes of study abroad experiences for US university students.

Ingrid Adams

Ingrid Adams graduated from Western Oregon University with an emphasis in Health. She served as the senior research assistant for the study published in this volume.

April Wilde

April Wilde graduated from Western Oregon University in 2005. She served as a research assistant for the study published in this volume.

Frauke Binder

Frauke Binder is the Assistant Director of the AHA Vienna Center which provides study abroad opportunities for U.S. students. She also teaches the Intercultural Communication Class in which students prepared the critical incident reports analyzed in the study published in this volume.


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Savicki, V. ., Adams, I., Wilde, A., & Binder, F. (2007). Intercultural Development: Topics and Sequences. Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, 15(1), 111–126.

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