Virtual Issue: Recent Research in Assessment in Education Abroad

Guest Editors:
Kris Acheson, PhD, Director, Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research [CILMAR] Purdue University
Katherine N. Yngve, ABD, Associate Director of Intercultural Outcomes Assessment, CILMAR, Purdue University
Aletha Stahl, PhD, Senior Intercultural Learning Specialist, CILMAR, Purdue University
Lan Jin, PhD, Intercultural Research Specialist, CILMAR, Purdue University

Kris Acheson, Katherine N. Yngve, Aletha Stahl, Lan Jin

Backward Design

Ethnographic learning while studying abroad
Richard Jurasek, Howard Lamson, & Patricia O’Maley (1996)

International study and experiential learning: The academic context
Lynn Montrose (2002)

Multi-level assessment of program outcomes: Assessing a nontraditional study abroad program in the engineering disciplines
David DiBiasio & Natalie A. Mello (2004)

The rewards of qualitative assessment appropriate to study abroad
Lilli Engle (2013)

Institutional Impact

The GLOSSARI project: Initial findings from a system-wide research initiative on study abroad learning outcomes
Richard C. Sutton & Donald L. Rubin (2004)

Assets-Based Learning Abroad: First-Generation Latinx College Students Leveraging and Increasing Community Cultural Wealth in Costa Rica
David Wick et al. (2019)

Learning to Teach in the Field: Five Professors Tell How Running an Overseas Study Tour Improved Their Classroom Teaching
Katherine Ellinghaus et al. (2019)

Formative Assessment

Assessing the impact of a strategies-based curriculum on language and culture learning abroad
R. Michael Paige, Andrew D. Cohen, Rachel L. Shively (2004)

Intercultural development: Topics and sequences
Victor Savicki, Ingrid Adams, April Wilde, Frauke Binder (2008)

Beyond reflection through an academic lens: Refraction and international experiential education
Monica Pagano & Laura Roselle (2009)

Joe’s laundry: Using critical incidents to develop intercultural and foreign language competence in study abroad and beyond
Tama Lea Engelking (2018)