Current Issue

Volume XXX, Issue 2, Spring 2018

Undocumented Student Participation in Education Abroad: An Institutional Analysis
Paige E. Butler, Meggan Madden & Nickie Smith

Language Learning while Negotiating Race and Ethnicity Abroad
Tracy Quan

Joe’s Laundry: Using Critical Incidents to Develop Intercultural and Foreign Language Competence in Study Abroad and Beyond
Tama Lea Engelking

Exploring the Impact of Global Studies Experiences on Undergraduate Student Development: Some Curricular Considerations
Christopher J. Stephens, Z. Harrison Morford, Traci M. Cihon, Elissa Hamilton Forand & Lucero Neri-Hernández

Faculty Engagement in Cultural Mentoring as Instructors of Short-Term and Semester Study Abroad Programs
Elizabeth Niehaus, Jillian Reading, Matthew J. Nelson, Ashley Wegener & Ann Arthur

Student Outcomes Associated with Short-term and Semester Study Abroad Programs
Jeffrey Scott Coker, Evan Heiser & Laura Taylor

Swedish Crime Fiction and Study Abroad: Literature, Politics and the Foreigner
Joseph Michael Ellis

“I have a better sense of how interconnected the world is”: Student perceptions of learning and global engagement during study abroad
Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, Jennifer Duncan-Bendix, Maja Sbahi Biehl

Predicting U.S. College Students’ Interest in Studying in China: Social Influence, Personal Experiences, Country Reputation, and Media Coverage
Hongwei Yang & Yingqi  Wang

Book Reviews

Malveaux, Gregory F. (2016). Look Before Leaping: Risks, Liabilities, and Repair of Study Abroad in Higher Education. London: Rowman & Littlefield. 

Raby, Rosalind Latiner and Valeau, Edward J., eds. (2016). International Education at Community Colleges:  Themes, Practices, and Case Studies. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.