Current Issue

Volume XXX, Issue 1, Winter 2018
Special Issue on Religion and Study Abroad

For God’s Sake: Religion and Study Abroad
Guest Editors: Timothy Lynn Elliott, William Hyndman, Nora Larkin, Donna Scarboro, Michael Woolf

Talking Religion: Religious Diversity in Study Abroad Advising
Timothy Lynn Elliott & Lorien Romito

Faith Development While Abroad Amongst African American Students
Thandiwe Dinani

The Wandering Jew
Michael Woolf

Seeing All Beings as Oneself: Internationalizing Higher Education for Universal Harmony
Kalyani Unkule

Here, There, and (Almost) Everywhere: Civil Religion and Cultural Competency
Vivian-Lee Nyitray

Learning Hinduism through a Rural Homestay in South India
Edward T. Ulrich

Traditional African religions and their influences on the worldviews of Bangwa people of Cameroon
Michael Ndemanu

Convivencia, Abrahamic Religions and Study Abroad in Spain
Mitchell McCoy & Sally Holt

Negotiating Trade: Merchant Manuals and Cross-Cultural Exchange in the Medieval Mediterranean
Joseph Stanley

Book Review

Hubers, John (2016). I am a Pilgrim, a Traveler, a Stranger: Exploring the Life and Mind of the First American Missionary to the Middle East, the Reverend Pliny Fisk (1792-1825).