Current Issue

Volume XXX, Issue 3, Fall 2018

Dedicated to Brian Whalen and Annmarie Marlin Whalen

Tim Perkins, Editorial Board

Toward an Understanding of Peer Influence on Undergraduate Study Abroad Participation
Melissa Whatley

Cognitive and Social Benefits Among Underrepresented First-Year Biology Students in a Field Course: A Case Study of Experiential Learning in the Galápagos
Nicholas A. Mason, Rebecca M. Brunner, Cissy J. Ballen, Irby J. Lovette

Motivation and Connection to Earth on Geology Field Trips in New Zealand: Comparing American Study Abroad Students with Local Undergraduates
Alison Jolley, Erik Brogt, Ben M. Kennedy, Samuel J. Hampton, Lyndon Fraser

The Impact of a Short-Term Study Abroad Program that Offers a Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience and Conservation Activities
Jacqueline McLaughlin, Mit Patel, D. Kent Johnson, Carlos L. De La Rosa

Short-Term, Faculty-Led Study Abroad and Global Citizenship Identification: Insights from a Global Engagement Program
Lucy W. Mule, Shannon Audley, Kathryn Aloisio

Promoting Student Engagement: The Efficacy of a Criminal Justice Short-Term Study Abroad Program
Jennifer E. Capps, Jennifer Bradford, Hyon Namgung

Intercultural Knowledge Development During Short-Term Study Abroad in the Basque Country: A Cultural and Linguistic Minority Context
Ager Gondra & Lori Czerwionka

Intercultural Learning may be Impossible in Education Abroad: A Lesson from King Lear
David Wong

Book Reviews

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